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A “collective” is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.

The “TOP PRODUCER COLLECTIVE™” is a tight small group of motivated “area specific” listing agents who want to dramatically increase their listing inventory.

This is not a “fluff-fest” with BS content, this is a combination of brain hacks AND hard-core real estate action steps you can do NOW to 10X your listings.

It is a COMBINATION coaching group, mastermind group and accountability group.

Only one agent will be allowed in the group per market area.

The group coaching will be a video call for the entire group and will last less than one hour, EVERY OTHER WEEK.

This is a small group, I am only taking a small number of listing agents on a FIRST COME, first serve basis based on one agent per market area.

Included will be:

.  A 30-45 min call every other week that will be recorded if you miss the call

.  A business planning call with me.

.  A NEW accountability program which is automated to keep you on your game.

.  Unlimited email questions and calls to me personally throughout the month.

.  My 7-week online course, Top Producer Blueprint, FREE, an almost $200 value.

The cost is an unbelievable $100 a month, every month, or about the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

You can opt out of the course at any time, your satisfaction is paramount.

The goal here is for you to have a resource for you to 10X your listings in a listing specific coaching program where you receive personal attention to achieve your goals.

I would love to work with you, so jump on this amazing opportunity by seeing if your market area is available by applying at [email protected]

“About a month ago I heard Chris on a Podcast talking about his success with expireds, probates, and calling his sphere of influence. Business was slow and I hadn’t had any luck with getting listings the previous few months, so I decided to give it a shot. I figured more immediate business would come from expireds vs. calling a sphere of influence, so I started there. He recommended using Vulcan7 for lead generation. It wasn’t in my budget, so I got set up with Onyx. Within 24hrs of signing up, I’m calling expireds. The first week, I prospected for 6 hrs. During that time-no bullshit-I set up 3 listing appointments, went on two, received an $11.5mm listing for land in Northern California after we (my partner and I) declined to list his home, got the listing for the other home ($1.135mm), and got two leads for listings that we’ll bring to market in the next couple of months. The following week, I prospected for 10 hrs, we got a call back on a $15mm ocean front property in Santa Barbara, received a listing for another $1mm home because the clients were “blown away” by my pre-listing package, now have 4 hot leads in the pipeline, and are finalizing the details for the $11.5mm listing up north.

While I have aspirations to be a top producing agent, to date, I have been far from one. Before hearing Chris on a random podcast during my 45min commute home, I felt I had exhausted all of my options. Now I’m in control of my business, my leads are predicated on the number of calls I make, and I can objectively control and determine how much business I’m going to bring in. Keep in mind, this is off TWO WEEKS of working expired listings and prospecting, on average, 8 hrs a week. I’ve been so inundated with business I haven’t had time to even call on probates, FSBOs, or my sphere of influence, but I’m working on it. My advice, follow Chris’ system, take it one day at a time, and enjoy watching your new business grow. Cheers.”  — Tyler Kallenbach, Santa Barbara, CA

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